Hyeji Kim: The Best KNU Buddy To Ever Happen

Before arriving to KNU, the university assigned me a “buddy” from my major who was to help me with getting around the university, choosing classes, and with general questions. I fortunately had luck on my side when I was assigned my buddy, Hyeji aka Clara. We began texting on KakaoTalk 2 weeks before I left and she answered all of the questions I had regarding Korea.
We really hit it off over text and when I arrived to Daegu at midnight, she picked me up from the bus station, saw me to my hostel, and had brought me food for my first night. Then every week for almost the entire semester, Hyeji and I would lunch together at different places that she knew. This was a godsend, for 2 reasons: I needed someone to force me to eat as lost a lot of weight after Thailand and Vietnam and my stomach had shrunk. Second reason was that I had absolutely no clue as to Daegu’s food scene and Hyeji, being a university student foodie, knew all of the places that were cheap and delicious.

We feasted every week and our friendship grew stronger every meal. Saying goodbye to Hyeji was one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever made, but she is now like a sister to me. We are now even planning a travel television show of just us going around the world and eating. You’ll probs cop a watch on HBO/Netflix in 2020.




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