Applying to KNU

After I came back from Colombia, I couldn’t get rid of my travel bug. I had plans to be the first OU exchange student at Universidad de Los Andes in Spring 2017, but the timing for our dean to visit and get my visa all needed to happen too quickly– so I decided to make a plan B.

I visited Wyatt at the Study Abroad office and asked him where I could use my scholarship, take classes in English or Spanish, and it not be too expensive. We found that Kyungpook National University and the University of Pretoria were the two top choices, and I decided to apply to KNU. KNU teaches a great number of its classes in English and has a food+housing scholarship available for international students. Their classes transfer easily and also start in March and end mid-June. I thought this was going to be a bonus, because it would allow me more time to travel before classes.

Little did I know that we receive our acceptance letters to KNU on December 20th and have to un-enroll out of OU classes to be able to apply to KNU, so there can be no contingency plan. In addition to that, the housing scholarships are released in mid-January, when OU classes begin.

So I advise anybody applying to any OU study abroad programme to really read between the lines and understand that the timing of all of this can make things very expensive in the long run. The KNU programme sounded amazing from the start and I am sure that it is a great programme, but it also is not easy for an applicant to make a contingency plan (just in case financials don’t work out).

I had also planned to have a girl take over my lease, but on the Friday of exams week she told me she had a family emergency and wouldn’t be back for the following semester. I thought I could get everything back in Norman covered but it wasn’t possible in the end.


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