COLSA Latin Night


COLSA held its first fiesta at Sandro’s Pizzeria early this semester. This party was a true Colombian party: bright lights, salsa, reggaeton, great food, and a bunch of sweaty people of all ages.

I got off work and ran to the location, helping all the other officers set up the balloons and black out the windows. Our DJ set himself up and we anxiously waited with wristbands at the door. Many of the officers and I didn’t think many would show up to our event due to the very early 2000s poster but many international and OU students trickled in. It is very funny to see all the different cultures coming together; the Spaniards and Puerto Rican students rolled their hips seamlessly to the music, like they knew every upcoming beat by heart. The Germans and Koreans took a little longer to warm up, sipping on vodka tonics and watching Latinos sway. I loved this party mainly because the COLSA members and officers were so true to our culture: roping in the other international students and dancing with them, laughing and accepting any effort. I remember seeing this in the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellin, where the French and Dutch were shown the way by fellow Colombians. I was shown the way to salsa-choque on the coast, in Cartagena and San Andres in the same accepting Latino way.

It was a beautiful night and I left drenched in sweat from all the dancing. COLSA was also able to fundraise a considerable amount for our scholarship programme, and we ended up having to ask people to leave. The party was a success and we look forward to hosting another!


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