COLSA Halloween Skate Night

2016-09-28-photo-00000843img_2790Colombian Student Association threw a themed skate night in mid-October at Star Skate. My fellow officers and I brought food and drinks and skated/salsa-ed the entire evening, jamming out to 70s music and reggaeton. I tried the four-wheeled skates that everybody wore in the 70s and a piece of advice: Just. Don’t. Do. It. I fell approximately 15 times and it showed the next week all over my knees and elbows. Some other people were able to miraculously master it but honestly they must have secretly practiced the night before or trained like the girl from the movie Whip It because it does not come naturally. Thankfully, the empanadas and reggaeton provided the perfect medication for our bruised limbs and we ended the night felices.



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