Colombian Night

Where: OU Meachum Auditorium

When: March 5th 2016, 5 pm

What: OU Colombian Night

Subject: A Journey Through Colombia



As I tried to find an internship in Colombia this summer, I was directed to Yoana Walchap. Dr. Walchap works in the Geosciences department at OU, working to bring students from Latin America to the university through exchange programmes. Once she and I met, she immediately “invited” me to Colombian Night. I say “invited” but she basically told me, “jou will volunteer at Colombian Night and meet every one in COLSA”. And I am so glad I did. The following is a brief summary of the evening.


Colombian Night had people coming from all over; OU alum and Colombian families Florida, Texas, Missouri just to name few. The evening began at 5 pm, the first of three events at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. At the church, Colombian families and international students flowed in and out of a large area where traditional Colombian food was being served. Arroz con pollo, ensalada, patacones, empanadas, arequipe– aka heaven– were all served by COLSA (Colombian Student Association) members and inhaled by yours truly. I sat with a table of Colombian parents and got the deets on the most dangerous places in Colombia along with a long list of places to visit.


The second part of the evening involved me wiping arequipe out of my purse. I had stupidly put two fickle containers of the sugary spread in my leather bag and they exploded– Lesson learned: never put arequipe or anything like it in your bag that has a suede inside. Anyways, I became one of the ticket masters at the front of Meachum, taking peoples’ tickets and handing them booklets and handcrafted gold poporos made by a lady with a lot of time on her hands. I handed out all of said poporos, took one for myself, and eventually got inside right as the show started. The show was sold out and myself and two other volunteers watched the history of Colombia unfold in a golden dance. The presentation was actually flawless, many of the COLSAA members just killing it to indigenous music and later, to traditional Colombian salsa music. An award ceremony and a band pretty much wrapped up the evening after that. A Colombian comedian apparently performed but after the band and 2 hours of a full programme, most people went home to change for the third part of the evening.


By 11, most people had already arrived to Main Street’s Red Room and the band that had performed at Meachum was on stage and playing contemporary Latin pop/reggaeton/salsa music. Empanadas and drinks were offered to all, and many a Colombian sweat the night away dancing to infectious Latin beats.

All in all, a very good night but I definitely got home and passed out after 7 hours of straight up heritage.


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