OU Cousins: Spring Semester


After my first semester, my OU Cousin Katra had to leave to go back to Slovenia. It was really heartbreaking losing somebody so awesome as her to an 9 hour time difference, but this semester we made it work. Because when I told her I would keep up, I meant it. I was unable to get a new cousin this semester, so it just made keeping up with her easier. She is my top Snapchat best friend, so that means we are “snapping” constantly, not to mention the fact that we’re always sharing things on Facebook with each other. One of Katra’s posts actually really inspired me, the video below.


She knew that I had started film and digital camera work but had basically given up on it earlier on this year because I was disappointed with my work. Being a beginner sucks, especially in regards to art, and earlier on in the semester we had shared our perspectives on this. After watching this video, Katra inspired me once again– not mentioning the hundreds of times she’s already done so with her amazing photography. And even after the video, as another example, we talked on Facebook about our mutual love for José Gonzales and his inspiring lyrics and songs. And within the thread of love for the Swedish-Argentinian singer, we both mentioned the fact that we will find each other in the near future. Be it decades or just a few years, we both said no matter what we will see each other again.

[Insert of screenshot of conversation and snapchats (couldn’t attach?)]

Now I know for a fact that my roommate’s OU Cousin does not keep up with her at all now, nor does her old cousin keep up with her now. Their relationships were all very temporary. This semester I am glad to have confirmed the goal that my OU Cousin and I would keep up with each other constantly, and for each to continually inspire the other. Our friendship has grown despite the distance, and I am grateful for Katra’s positivity and warmth. She is a true friend in every sense of the manner, and the reciprocity of thankfulness for each other between us does not go unsaid. Though she wasn’t technically here this semester, Katra has always been with me.


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