OU Cousins BBQ

Even with Katra gone, I still found myself wanting to go to the OU Cousins Annual Barbecue. It was the 20th anniversary of the event, and the bbq involved a lot of free food & a bull ride so going was kind of a no brainer. I’ll admit I was a bit lonely without Katra, but as a new OU Cousins Advisory Board Member I had plenty to keep me busy.

Around 5 pm on Tuesday, Americans and Internationals all boarded the buses in front of the caf and we all took a 30 minute ride to the middle of nowhere. The middle of nowhere was absolutely gorgeous though, and we were greeted by advisory board members on a gravel road that led to a great red barn. I walked with my roommate and some of our other Fellows with their cousins to the barn, and what we encountered was picturesque country. The fields were bright green from all the rain, and cows and horses munched on the greenness surrounding us. It felt like I was walking through a Little Tyke farm, or a Shaun the Sheep farm (sans the sheep obviously). I snapchatted a lot of this to Katra, and she was in love. I love being able to keep in touch with her in such a easy way– pictures and short videos are so much more simple than long, interspersed emails! Anyways, we got to the red barn and a mixture of country fiddles, wafts of barbeque, and flannel greeted us at the barn. It all kind of made me homesick, as the mixture reminded me of Houston’s annual rodeo.
I was told to grab a quick bite to eat, and I ran for the brisket, brownies, and bread. It was ridiculously delicious. Apparently the brownies are Mrs. Boren’s secret recipe, and I get why the recipe is kept a secret: if it wasn’t, everybody would be obese. Honest to god, best brownies (plural) I had eaten in quite some time. Eventually stuffed from all the food, I manned the front table (where we handed out cowboy hats and bandanas) with a guy from Saudi Arabia. Waves of people came, and eventually DBo came with his posse of older, white family members. They were dressed to the nines and looked absolutely adorable. While I stood at the booth, apparently everyone inside learned how to two-step and when it ended, I had come in for a food break just to find hundreds of people sweating like mad. 

After the dancing and after everybody ate, the entire event seemed to end pretty quickly. They announced Best Cousin of the Year awards, DBo and the crew said a few words on the stage, we all took a huge picture, and then I found myself rounding up chairs while the bull machine was packed away! We advisors got together at the end, met each other and took a group picture to commemorate the beginning and end for some members. I left the barbeque excited– excited for both my position next year on the board and also for the 21st annual barbeque I will help host. 


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